Indiana passes proposal in favor of banning same-sex marriage


Indiana’s House of Representatives passed a proposal on Tuesday, January 28, in favor of adding a ban on same-sex marriage to the state constitution.

The proposed ban passed with a 57-40 vote; according to, all of the Indiana House’s Democrats voted against the ban, as did eleven Republicans. The bill will now go to the Senate Judiciary Committee for review.

On Monday there was a vote to remove a sentence of the proposal, which would ban same-sex civil unions in addition to marriages. Twelve Republicans voted in favor of removing the civil unions clause from the proposal, but not all of the Democrats did; Crown Point Democrat Shelli VanDenburgh stated that she believes that the Senate will keep the sentence intact.

The author of the bill, Republican Cicero Eric Turner, explained that his proposed constitutional amendment came forth after a court failed in challenging Indiana’s marriage law.

Republican Rep Dan Leonard and Wendy McNamara of Mount Vernon have already stated that if the sentence on civil unions remains then they will be voting against the measure altogether.

If that remains the case, then the opponents of the bill would have to sway five of the ten remaining Republican representatives to vote against the measure.

If the bill passes through the Senate, the final referendum would take place in 2016.


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