Aca-awesome! “Pitch Perfect” to receive sequel


“Pitch Perfect,” the 2012 musical comedy starring Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, will be getting a sequel; New York Daily News reports that actress Elizabeth Banks will be directing the new movie.

The original film was an instant hit, garnering $115 million at the box office and an estimated $135 million in ancillary sales, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The story revolved around an underdog, all-female, college a cappella team, The Barden Bellas, and their hilarious rise to victory.

Banks also appeared in the original film as Gail, a raunchy event announcer. The 39-year-old actress has played many other notable roles as well, including Effie in “The Hunger Games” series, and Beth in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” However, the “Pitch Perfect” sequel will be her debut as a film director.

“Elizabeth originated the idea for ‘Pitch Perfect’ and was instrumental in making the first film such a huge success,” said Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley. “She brings an enormous amount of energy and experience to everything she works on, and we’re thrilled that she is making her feature directorial debut on Pitch Perfect 2.”

“Pitch Perfect” gained favor with LGBT audiences for its inclusion of gay and lesbian characters, and its teasing but non-depraving humor. In the first film, rapper and actress Ester Dean plays Cynthia Rose, a semi-closeted member of the Barden Bella a cappella team. Dean herself is not a lesbian, but says she enjoyed acting her part in the film “as a woman.”

“I didn’t want to [treat it like]‘I’m playing this gay character.’ No,” Dean told the Advocate, in a 2012 interview for the original film. “I’m playing a woman who likes what she likes.”

Openly gay director Jason Moore also made his directorial debut in 2012 on the first “Pitch Perfect” film.

“The underdog story, the outsider story—all humans are drawn to it,” Moore said in an interview with the Dallas Voice. “But certainly being a gay man, there’s a gay sensibility about being an outsider: ‘Do people understand me, and if I express myself, will people love me?’”

He added, “I grew up in the South and I knew fewer gay people than… I might’ve [if I]lived in an urban area. I’m definitely drawn to people who are looking for their place in the world.”

“Pitch Perfect 2” is expected to hit theaters in 2015. It is reported that both Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick will reprise their roles in the sequel.


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