Campaign pushing gay anthem “It’s Raining Men” up the chart to support LGBT community


The owner of UK nightclub G-A-Y, Jeremy Joseph, has announced that if the Weather Girls’ song “It’s Raining Men” reaches the top 20 of the singles chart by February 2, he will donate £1,000 (about $2000 USD) to the Elton John AIDS foundation.

Watch the official music video below.

The song was chosen in response to UKIP Councillor David Silvester blaming the legalization of marriage equality for the recent onset of flooding in the country; a Facebook page was subsequently created to encourage people to buy it on iTunes or Amazon starting on January 27.

An explanatory post dated January 19, the day the page was created, reads in part:

The aim is to have everyone buy a copy of ‘It’s Raining Men’ the week beginning the 27th January 2014. We estimate we will need around 15,000 sales to get in the top spot based on the releases that week and previous year trend…

Let’s get ‘It’s Raining Men’ to Number 1 to show the power and community of gay people pulling together is stronger than his idiotic views of us, as well as also celebrating the new laws being passed on equal marriage in the UK very soon.

WHY THE CHARTS?: We believe that the show of strength to get a song to Number 1 will create a huge spotlight on our campaign for equality as a whole. The song, if you like, is our catalyst and part of the bigger message.

WHY THIS SONG?: For decades now, this song has been used as a gay anthem, we thought it fitted all the better based on UKIP’s comments regarding storms and floods being caused by LGBT people and Gay marriage.

WHEN DO I BUY IT?: From Monday 27th January 2014, this will mean it is Number 1 before the laws change in England and will show support to all LGBT people in Wales, Scotland & Ireland with their own parliamentary debates for the law to be changed too.

WHAT VERSION SHOULD I BUY?: The link below points to the only version that we are getting behind. ‘The Weather Girls’ 1982 version that is the only version of theirs [that]is chart eligible.


Ten days later, the page has over fourteen thousand Likes—and according to the Official Charts Company, “the track currently is at Number 21 on today’s Official Singles Chart Update,” making it just forty sales away from making the top twenty chart, with half a week to spare.

One of the Facebook page organizers, Darren Pop, told OfficialCharts, “We believe that the show of strength to get a song to Number 1 will create a huge spotlight on our campaign for equality as a whole.”

The song can be bought on here or iTunes here.


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