HRC announces endorsement of Wendy Davis for Texas governor


LGBT organization Human Rights Campaign (HRC) announced their endorsement of Democratic candidate Wendy Davis in her campaign to run for governor in Texas.

Senator Davis has represented Texas’ 10th Senate district since 2009, and the HRC complimented Davis for her support of the LGBT community and her history of making Texas families a high priority.

“Wendy Davis has been a champion for equality for all, whether it is the working poor or LGBT Texans,” HRC president Chad Griffin said in a news release, as reported by the Wisconsin Gazette. “Her dedication to the underdog and commitment to fairness for all Texas families make her the right choice for governor.”

The HRC also conveyed that Davis has both proposed and sponsored bills which would protect the LGBT community against employment discrimination as well LGBT students who are the target of bulling in Texas schools.

Davis is likely to run against Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is known for his anti-LGBT position. In 2013 he argued in opposition of Texas workplaces offering domestic partnership benefits to their employees, saying that such benefits were a violation of the Texas constitution. Abbott also spoke out against the San Antonio ordinance which was set in place to protect LGBT members against housing, employment, and pubic accommodation discrimination.

As stated on Abbott’s campaign page, his top three issues are: ending the Affordable Care Act, protecting the 2nd Amendment, and defending traditional values.

“Wendy Davis’ energy and courage are needed in Austin,” said Texas attorney and HRC board member emeritus Julie Johnson. “I’m proud to be one of the tens of thousands of HRC members in Texas, and I know that Wendy will fight for all our families when elected. Wendy has proven herself an effective leader—and that’s exactly what the people of Texas need.”


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