Grammy winning singer-songwriter Angelique Kidjo speaks out against homophobia in Africa


Benin born Grammy winning singer-songwriter Angelique Kidjo has spoken out against homophobia and intolerance in Africa in a recent interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpore. Kidjo claims that the propagation of such mindsets are tools of control, and she was not brought up to think in such a way.

Video below. 

“The homosexual issue has been brought up front by the religious groups in Africa but we have had homosexuals for centuries in Africa and nobody talked about it [like this],” said Kidjo. 

“What baffles me and what makes me angry is when people in the name of God, in the name of religion stir hate. To what kind of God are you praying? It’s not mine.”

Kidjo likens the current war against the LGBT community with a similar state of religious intolerance, and believes God has been hijacked in the name of greed and power:

Who are we to judge? Especially when you have a bible in your hand and you’re telling somebody because he’s homosexual he’s a pedophile and that you have to kill him. What does it make you? You’re not praying to God—you are praying evil. Period.

It’s the same thing with Catholics against Muslims. We have been living together forever. Why now? It’s not about God, its about power. That’s it—that’s the simple truth.

God becomes a brand—I know that. A lot of people make a lot of money and here you have churches that have billions of dollars and they can care less about the poor people that come to their church—that is another discussion we can have another time.


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