AFER video offers updates on pending marriage equality court cases


In a video by the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER), spokesperson Matt Baume reports on some current marriage equality court cases.

Watch it below.

Virginia’s federal marriage case was set to hear oral arguments for and against marriage equality on Thursday, January 30, but a snowstorm caused a delay; barring a repeat, the hearing will be on Tuesday, February 4. (For the record, the Weather Channel reported that “according to Groundhog Phil, the world’s most famous furry forecaster, there are six more weeks of winter ahead this year.”)

Baume also mentioned the Indiana ban on marriage equality, passed by the House on January 31 and set to be heard by the Senate Rules Committee the week of February 10. Less conservative members of the House had language also banning civil unions removed. Approving the amendment would mean an additional legislature vote, meaning it would not reach the citizen ballot until 2016 at the earliest.

Baume reports, “Indiana polling has fluctuated wildly, so it’s impossible to detect a trend that would predict how voters will behave in two years.” 

Meanwhile, in Utah and Oklahoma, the battle for marriage equality is looking promising; cases in both states are headed for separate hearings in the 10th District Court of Appeals, on April 10 and 17 respectively. According to Baume, “although the cases haven’t been consolidated, the court may rule simultaneously on both.” Depending on the court’s pace, the US Supreme Court could hear both in its next session.

In Nevada, a new, more exacting standard of scrutiny may help the case for marriage equality. The state’s District Court had previously ruled against same-sex marriage, but under the new standards, the arguments used in the case may be ruled invalid.

The segment also updates on Hawaii, where a challenge to marriage equality was rejected, and Kansas, where two bills are set to potentially contest the state’s marriage ban.


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