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1. The Carrie Mae Weems retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. “Three Decades of Photography and Video” explores the artist’s focus on the African American experience as a pathway into the human condition itself. I especially love her Kitchen Table Series from 1990.

2. Marty Moran’s “The Tricky Part” published in 2006 is a remarkable memoir about his molestation by a camp counselor in his 30s that began when Moran himself was 12 years old and lasted until he was 15. It is journey to self-forgiveness that is not only touched with grace but also by it.

3. A new memoir you should check out is Kenneth M. Walsh’s “Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful?” You might know him from his blog Kenneth in the (212). Heartwarming and hilarious. 

4. I just got back from a trip back home to Mississippi. Roseanne Cash’s new album “The River and the Thread” is all about her own journey back home down south and seeing it all with a new pair of wiser eyes. 

5. New York’s reigning downtown diva Bridget Everett is heading to San Francisco this Friday night to play at the Rickshaw Stop at 155 Fell Street. Michael Musto has called her a combination of Wynonna Judd and Melissa Etheridge but I like to think of her as the spawn of Bette Midler and Janis Joplin. All those comparisons aside, she’s all Bridget. I call her Mount Everett since she’s infamous for mounting an audience member or two during her shows. 

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