LaBarbera advocates for American version of Russia’s “anti-gay propaganda” law


On January 5, anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera said that the US should adopt its own Russia-style “anti-gay propaganda” law in order to end the positive portrayals of same-sex relationships in America; LaBarbera claimed that adopting Russia’s recent policy will help protect the children of this country.

Right Wing Watch reported that LaBarbera made mention of concerns he had after the Disney channel decided to include a same-sex couple in a recent episode of the comedy series “Good Luck Charlie.”

“Look at the Disney show, they are promoting lesbianism to kids who don’t even know what sex is yet,” LaBarbera complained, in a radio interview with the American Family Association’s Sandy Rios. “How are kids going to process that information of two moms?”

Deemed “obsessed” and dubbed “Porno Pete” by some LGBT activists, it was revealed months ago that LaBarbera owned a huge stash of gay porn, which—according to the director of the Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality—was merely for “research.” No stranger to this form of in-depth “researching,” LaBarbera had attended the “International Mr. Leather” in 2006 and 2007 to document the “perversions” that took place at the event.

The conservative activist even chose to post photos of the event, recommending his followers to call the corporate offices of Hilton Hotel (the hosting venue) “and politely express your dismay that Hilton would allow its good name to be associated with the sadistic sexual perversion-fest known as ‘International Mr. Leather.’”

“Basically what’s happened is because the media is so pro-gay right now, the homosexual lobby is almost like they have no restraint,” he told press. “They’re coming at us hard and their basic message is ‘Intimidate anybody who speaks out’ because they’re hoping we will silence ourselves.”

The director of Truth About Homosexuality is planning a trip to Washington alongside notoriously anti-gay pastor Scott Lively in order to announce his support for Russia’s anti-gay “propaganda” law in front of the Russian Embassy.


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