Poll suggests over half of Americans fear terrorist attacks in Sochi


The results of a poll from the Pew Research Center suggests that over half of Americans think it was a bad decision to hold the Olympic Winter games in Russia.

The poll suggests that 44 percent of Americans believe holding the games in Russia was a bad decision, with 62 percent citing security concerns as the major reason.

Only 4 percent said their decision was based on Russia’s treatment of gays and lesbians.

While 44 percent disagreed with the games being held in Russia, 36 percent said it was a good decision and 24 percent claimed they did not know.

Despite a variety of different reasons for unease, such as the treatment of the LGBT community, environmental damage, the fact that the Olympic buildings were built so close to the scenes of Circassian mass murders and corruption, many Americans agreed that security, safety, and the threat of terrorism were their greatest causes for concern.

After the recent terrorist attack at a Volgograd train station, which killed 34 people, fears over a Sochi terrorist attack have escalated.

In another poll, conducted in mid-January by Quinnipiac University, it was revealed that 38 percent of people said a terrorist attempt in Sochi was “somewhat likely,” while another twelve percent deemed it “very likely.”

Despite these fears, the Pew poll showed that 37 percent of Americans intended to watch at least “some of” the games.

Most of the recent threats to European countries’ Olympic officials have been dismissed as hoaxes but people continue to fear an attack at the games.

Russia has drafted around 37,000 police and security officers for the games.


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