Chevrolet debuts two new ads that include LGBT families


Add another company to those openly supporting families of all types: Chevrolet.

In two of the corporation’s newest ads, not only are LGBT families casually included in montages of families of all types, but voiceovers make them doubly inclusive, with lines such as “While what it means to be a family hasn’t changed, what a family looks like has,” and “for whatever shape your family takes.”

The release of the ads coinciding with the start of the Sochi Olympics in blatantly homophobic Russia might or might not be intentional, but either way, Chevrolet is making a stand. As Richard Read of Gaywheels pointed out, “Chevrolet didn’t have to include LGBT families in these ads. They could’ve left us out altogether, and no one would’ve complained. Hell, few viewers would’ve even noticed.”

Coincidental or not, the ads are Chevrolet’s first to include undeniably LGBT families at all in television ads—and the ads are set to air for the first time during the broadcast of the Sochi Olympics. That makes for a powerful statement against not only Russia’s homophobic laws, but many of the lingering homophobic attitudes around the world.

As one of the ads says, “When you know what you stand for, you know where you’re going.” Chevrolet has certainly made it clear what they believe in; here’s hoping other corporations will follow their lead.


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