Language school in London adds gay dating course to curriculum


An English-language school in London added an optional “English for gay online dating” to its class offerings on February 7. The Rainbow School of English—the United Kingdom’s one and only English language school intended specifically for the LGBT community—will be offering its students a class to help them get the most out of dating websites.

The optional dating class will be taught by a gay instructor, and will include discussions pertaining to unfamiliar abbreviations non-native English speakers might come across online. Although the “English for gay online dating” class is mainly aimed towards gay men, students of any gender and orientation are welcome.

The Rainbow School of English is the first of its kind in England. It also offers a social program which includes organized visits to London’s best gay clubs and bars.

Rainbow School of English director and journalist Jamie Elliot told press, “If you go on websites such as Gaydar and Planet Romeo, you’ll encounter abbreviations such as NSA—which stands for no strings attached.” Other potentially confusing acronyms include “GWF and GWM which stand for gay white female and gay white male.”

He added, “If you don’t know what NSA, GSOH, or Discreet mean, you could miss out on a hot date. Thousands of gay people travel to London to learn English every year. But until now they have not had the option of choosing a language school where they can be sure the other students will be gay too.”


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