Video Link: Anti-gay protest held in Sochi despite government order


A new video of anti-gay protests in Sochi, Russia surfaced on February 7. Courtesy of Sports Illustrated, the video demonstrates a protest being held outside of the Sochi Train Station on Friday afternoon.

This occurrence was allowed despite the violation of the Russian government order that all protests during the Sochi Games should be held in Khosta—about halfway between central Sochi and the Adler district, the site of Olympic Park. In the short clip, a demonstrator can be seen holding up a sign protesting homosexuality. According to SI, officials didn’t appear to be concerned with the content of the sign, which read, “Homo sex is a sin.”

Russia introduced a bill last year that outlawed the “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations.” Gay groups in Russia say the law has contributed to the intolerance of sexual minorities in Russia and that the message on enforcement, so far, has been confusing.

The video can be viewed here.


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