Ireland planning to recognize foreign same-sex marriages and partnerships


Ireland is set to recognize the same-sex marriages of those who travel from Ireland to marry in England, Scotland, Wales, or elsewhere, pending a public vote in 2015.

The Department of Justice spokesman confirmed on Saturday, February 8 that once the referendum allowing same-sex marriage in Ireland is passed, all foreign unions would be recognized.

The spokesperson said, “A same-sex marriage contracted in England or Wales would be recognized as a marriage in Ireland, from the date on which same-sex marriage were to become available here, should be referendum to be held during the first half of 2015 pass.”

Stonewall UK has been receiving “dozens and dozens” of calls from Irish couples keen to get married in the UK. The first same-sex marriages are set to take place in England and Wales from March 29.

“We made a few shout-outs on social media and asked people to get in touch with us if they’re planning to tie the knot. We’ve had a really great take-up from people in Ireland and other parts of the world,” Stonewall spokesperson Richard Lane told the Sunday Independent.

The referendum is to be held in May of 2015. It will address the issue of marriage equality and will also concentrate on a number of other proposed constitutional changes, including changing the voting age from eighteen to seventeen.


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