Irish 2013 Eurovision song contest finalist Ryan Dolan comes out as gay


Irish pop singer Ryan Dolan, best known as Ireland’s representative for Eurovision in 2013, came out as gay during an interview with Ireland’s Radio One on February 5, admitting that he contemplated suicide while struggling with his sexuality.

Speaking to radio personality Derek Mooney, Dolan admitted, “I never attempted suicide, but it was a thought in my mind.”

The 28-year-old regrets not being able to come out sooner because “it’s not a big deal anymore,” unlike when he was in school. “Young people are coming out now at 15 or 16, which would never have happened when I was at school,” he said.

Speaking of his school experiences, he added, “In school I was confused about who I was, and it was really hard for me growing up because of that. It was hard to deal with because I knew that I was gay, but I couldn’t get the courage to talk to someone about it.”

Dolan revealed his years of depression as he struggled to come to terms with his sexuality, saying if he’d come out earlier he would have been happier.

According to the singer, his father was the last person to find out because Dolan was afraid of what he might think. However, when Dolan finally told him at the age of 21, he took it better than Dolan expected.

Dolan went on Radio One to promote his new single, titled “Start Again.” Written by Dolan himself, the song is semi-autobiographical, themed around growing up “in the closet.” The song is accompanied by a video focusing on two young gay men in school.

His single “Start Again” is set to be released on March 7.


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