12-year-old writes letter to drag queen Panti Bliss in response to now infamous speech


Following Rory O’Neill’s now famous “Noble Call” speech, which he delivered at the Abbey theatre in Dublin as drag queen Panti Bliss, thousands have responded to his moving words with both positive and negative messages. However, O’Neill was not expecting a 12-year-old girl to watch his speech and be so moved by it that she decided to write him a letter.

Video of the speech below.

The speech, aimed at television state RTE, which paid out a large sum of money in damages to the Catholic Iona Institute after O’Neill labeled them “homophobes,” led Niamh Keegan to tell him that his speech was “very inspiring.”

Keegan wrote that after her mother told her what the word homophobic meant, “I was horrified and couldn’t believe what I was hearing.”

Her mother decided to post the first page of the letter to her twitter account:

To Rory O’ Neill,

My name is Niamh Keegan and I am 12 years of age.

My Mum and I were watching the news last week and I heard homophobic coming up quite often. I didn’t know what it meant so I asked my mom to explain and she said it was people who are afraid of Gay people.

I was horrified and couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Later that afternoon my mom showed me your speech and I thought it was very inspiring. The next day I went into school and my teacher said has anybody seen Rory O’Neill’s speech?

I was the only person who put up my hand and I had to explain to the rest of my class and half of the people didn’t know what I was saying.

Somebody very close to me is gay and he has the cutest boxer dog I have ever seen his name is Sam, and this man is the nicest person I know. I see boys calling each other Gay and laughing.

I don’t think people know how serious this is!!!

My favourite song at the moment is Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.


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