Johnny Weir brings Winter Wonderland Fashion Week to Sochi Olympics


Johnny Weir is keeping mainstream media abuzz with his “Hunger Games” inspired Sochi wardrobe this week. As of February 13, Weir has not only been highlighted for his flamboyant fashion (and how it could be a glittering metaphor for freedom and rebellion—a big “F you” to Mother Russia’s current hateful state of anti-gay bigotry), but also for his excellence as a “fresh,” skilled commentator.

“I decided to go more of Stanley Tucci’s character [Caesar Flickerman] from ‘The Hunger Games,’” Weir said of his fashion. “I’m trying to stay between the lines of Johnny on ‘Skating with the Stars’ and the rest of the NBC men’s family in Brooks Brothers.”

The properly-coiffed, raven-haired Olympian was chosen by NBC to be one of the new faces (and voices) to serve as commentator. Weir has been providing his words of wisdom in the figure skating competition, a sport in which he’s a two-time United States medalist.

The Daily Beast raved that “his ability to explain the inner workings of the sport to viewers—with an added dash of wit and charm—keeps the world tuning in…along with the desire to see what he’ll be wearing next, of course.”

With no question about it, Weir has been showing off in Sochi with his flashy ensembles that have included: RAI LA leather leggings on several days, made-for-Russia fur coats, a pink Chanel blazer, and his staple Rick Owens wedges.

Weir has even shared his edgy looks with his followers on Instagram, with a photo of his braided pompadour receiving over 2,400 likes.

“Thank you everyone for your support and for supporting figure skating!” Weir wrote in the caption of the Instagram picture.

In a moment celebrating the comedic brilliance of Canada’s recent pro-gay PSA about the Olympic Luge, Daily Beast added: “After all, the Olympics have always been a little gay.”

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