GaymerX2 gearing up for second convention with new Kickstarter


The first GaymerX, a convention by LGBTQ gamers for LGBTQ gamers, was a smashing success; now, the team behind it is gearing up for GX2, scheduled for July 11-13, 2014—and for those who want tickets, it’s advised they act fast.

Video below.

According to the new Kickstarter, “Last year, over 2,300 awesome gamers attended the first GaymerX—and now it’s back with even more surprises for LGBTQ geeks!”

The fundraising campaign, which runs until March 24, is seeking a relatively low $10,000, the necessary deposit needed to reserve this year’s convention space, the beautiful InterContinental San Francisco hotel, but the stretch goals go all the way up to $150,000.

Although geek social fallacies are a thing, wherein people demonstrate it is in fact possible to be too accepting, a lot of LGBT gamers end up feeling out of place at mainstream gaming conventions, especially for online games, where casually homophobic insults are often the norm. Additionally, in an age when almost every type of mobile device doubles as a gaming system, “girl gamers” now make up nearly half of video game players—yet are often left feeling distinctly uncomfortable at conventions.

GaymerX is different; as the fundraising page explains, “Since its inception, we’ve worked hard to make GaymerX a convention where people can feel welcome regardless of their gender or sexuality. We welcome you in helping make our second year even greater than the first, where 2,300 gamers from around the world came out to celebrate diversity and inclusivity in gaming…

“The better this Kickstarter goes, the easier it’ll be to make GaymerX the biggest, safest, most fun all-inclusive game convention yet!”

The InterContinental San Francisco hotel is just a quick walk from the Powell BART station, but for those who aren’t from the area, the hotel is offering a limited number of rooms at a special con rate; details can be found on their website.

It should be noted that tickets for GaymerX2 are limited, too; the page warns, “Please Note: WE EXPECT TO BE SOLD OUT AND MAY NOT SELL TICKETS AT THE DOOR.”

MidBoss Games, a team related to but separate from the GaymerX staff, is also hoping to showcase a special treat for attendees: a playable demo of their LGBTQ-inclusive game Read Only Memories, which was successfully crowd-founded in December 2013.

The full schedule for the convention is still being arranged (those interested in hosting discussion panels can apply here before March 31), but for an idea of what to expect, the official GaymerX YouTube channel has dozens of videos, with last year’s GaymerX Talks, promotional videos, and more.

Tickets can be bought from the Kickstarter page through March 24; they start at $59.


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