Janet Mock makes appearance on “The Colbert Report”


Following transgender activist and novelist Janet Mock’s two appearances on Piers Morgan’s show, she had a chance to speak her mind on the Colbert Report.

On the show, which aired on the evening of February 18, Colbert took on a sarcastic tone as he appeared to defend Morgan for being “confused” about why Mock felt the need to dispute his actions after the show was released.

Colbert was able to carefully navigate his way through sensitive transgender issues, comedy and speaking about the Piers Morgan interview, labeling Mock the “Piers Morgan abuser.”

After Mock spoke with Morgan about her book “Redefining Realness” earlier in February, she posted on Twitter:

Although, as Mock admitted during the second interview with Morgan, she was wrong not to point out her feelings during the original segment, the second interview was a chance for both parties to explain their arguments. She attempted to explain that though she understood he was an ally, Morgan still managed to sensationalize and misgender her, mainly focusing on the physical aspects of her transition. She explained this was an ignorance everyone needed to work on, even if they have good intentions. However, Morgan was unable to accept he’d done anything wrong.

When Colbert interviewed her on Tuesday, Morgan decided to take to Twitter to call her a “whiner” before blaming Colbert for being an “enabler.”

During the Colbert Report, Mock said, “The book’s purpose is to elevate the issues facing young trans women…trans people deal with daily access issues like being able to safely leave their home, being able to walk on the street without being harassed…being able to get affordable medical care.”

They also discussed asking someone’s gender identity when meeting them, using “they” instead of “he” or “she” and speaking about Facebook’s new gender pronoun choices.

Colbert said jokingly, “I never use gendered pronouns because I only ever talk about myself.”

The Colbert Report interview with Mock can be seen here.


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