Buddy Cole flamboyantly takes on Sochi for Stephen Colbert


In a slightly—or rather, completely—satirical video that aired on Steven Colbert’s “The Colbert Report,” Buddy Cole went deep, deep undercover as a gay reporter. In “From Russia With Love (But No Gay Stuff),” Cole “infiltrates” the underground gay scene in Sochi.

Cole, who is actually Canadian comedian Scott Thompson, took his show and fur (no, he literally strutted through the center of town, donning a fur coat he probably borrowed from Johnny Weir’s closet) through Sochi, even drawing the attention of local policemen. Photos on AmericaBlog show a fur-clad Cole surrounded by the show’s producers—who reportedly had to talk the comedian out of trouble—after waving to the cops with a martini glass in hand.

“After a week in Sochi, I’m disappointed that you never found Vladimir Putin’s Russian gay threat,” Colbert says at the beginning of the comedic interview, aired on Thursday, February 20.

“Au contraire, Steven. I finally found them,” Cole rebuts, both wrists bent to show off his eccentric regalia. “But in order to get to the bottom of the story—or the top, I’m not picky—I had to go deep undercover and disguise myself as a homosexual.”

“Just to get the story, I bit the bullet…and some other stuff,” Cole declares, hands decked out with costume rings.

“I had to penetrate Sochi’s gay underground,” he adds dramatically.

The clip then shows Cole interviewing the owner of Sochi gay bar Club Mayak, which he found through a Google search. After spending a night dancing for his life at the tiny bar, Ross admits that Putin’s worry about the gay threat was warranted.

“I never considered myself a gay activist, but something about this place was starting to activate me,” he admits during the clip. “I was getting propagandized in every direction.”

“Turns out Putin was right—there is a gay threat in Russia. And I am its latest victim.”

The interview ends with Cole taking stage for a brief chat with Colbert, who then jokingly outs the correspondent as being Canadian, garnering hearty laughter and applause from the audience.

When asked how he was able to tell, Colbert simply answered, “Well…you seem a little gay.”

Watch the full clip here.

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