LGBT activist releases pro-gay video for Human Rights Campaign to Kylie Minogue tune


Ice hockey players get thrown in jail for hugging and high-fiving, female figure skaters are arrested for kissing, and a group of girls in white channel their inner Athena in a new Human Rights Campaign video, which debuted on February 20.

Watch it below.

The campaign video is a little over four and a half minutes long and was produced by LGBT activist and filmmaker Ryan James Yezek, who also served as its editor and director.

“You’re a slave to the rhythm of your heart,” croons Kylie Minogue, with lyrics so Madonnaesque (although Kylie is also known for being a queen of camp) that at times, one might expect the aging icon herself to make a cameo; either that, or the 2006 track will be the next song added to her “Reductive” hits playlist. Take your body to the floor, Madge. “Your disco needs you.”

Don’t miss the jail cell choreography done by Tina Landon—there are a few bodysuits in those segments that warrant the risk of imprisonment. Landon has worked with a strong rank of supreme pop divas, including Janet Jackson, P!nk and Prince (let’s be honest…Prince is a total diva) in the best possible way).

To Russia, with love.


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