Chinese gay hookup app with 3 million users secures $1.6 million from investors


Blued, a Chinese app reminiscent of Grindr intended for gay men looking to chat and hook up, has secured its first significant round of venture funding to help the start-up grow its user base and hire additional staff; 36Kr, a Chinese tech blog, reported that Blued received about RMB 10 million ($1.6 million USD) in total from undisclosed investors.

In December 2013, Tech In Asia reported that the app, launched in August 2012 for iOS and Android, already had two million users in the country, with 68.3 percent using Blued at least once a month, and 24 percent using it every day.

According to the site’s update, Blued’s userbase has since grown to three million in the span of less than three months.

The founder of Blued, Gang Le, said he believes China’s gay population could number as high as 70 million, which could mean the app will see significant growth. The staff at Blued told 36Kr that a similar app for lesbians, called “Pinkd,” is in the works.

Dating apps in general are currently doing very well in China; according to the South China Morning Post, Momo, which is aimed at straight people, has over 80 million users despite being known as the “one-night stand app.”


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