New TV pilot with transgender protagonist seeking support on Amazon


A new Amazon original series may have the potential to open and expand current mainstream conversation about the lives of transgender individuals if the pilot can win over enough fans for the series to be produced.

Watch a preview below.

Amazon recently unveiled a new service, Pilot Season, where viewers can help determine which shows become series by viewing full-length pilot episodes and voting on their favorites.

As of February 21, Amazon has ten pilots available for free streaming, ranging from comedy and drama to kids’ shows.

“Transparent,” which depicts the life of a family “with serious boundary issues,” is the work of comedy/drama writer-director-producer Jill Soloway (“Six Feet Under,” “United States of Tara.”) Jeffrey Tumbar stars as the lead character, Maura, a transgender woman coming out rather late in life and trying to share her true self with her “dysfunctional” family. In the pilot, Maura deals with admitting her long-held secrets to her family.

The show, which includes other central LGB characters, co-stars Gaby Hoffman, Jay Duplass, Judith Light, and Amy Landecker.

“Even though the show has the word ‘trans’ in the title, I don’t necessarily want people to look at it as the definitive show about a trans person,” Soloway said in an interview with the Advocate.

“For me, the show is more of an exploration of family, much in the same way ‘Six Feet Under’ was about a family’s relationship to death. The show was inspired by the idea of rather [than]being about a parent dying in the first scene, which is what ‘Six Feet Under’ was about, would instead be about a parent being born in the first scene.

“What would it mean to children who were expecting to inherit a legacy of money or real estate to instead inherit a legacy of ‘genderqueerness’? To me, the show is really about a queer family, and within the queer family, there’s the father who is coming out as transgender.”

Soloway added that she was “so inspired by taking all of the aspects of the conversation and being able to treat them with the fullness of having a series set around these questions. I don’t even think most American people would be able to explain the difference between what they would call a cross-dresser and a trans woman—somebody who has socially transitioned or medically transitioned.”

Viewers who want to tune in must have an account on Amazon, where they can view the show and review it afterwards. “Transparent” will be available until February 28.


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