UNHATE Foundation depicts a Russia full of love and equality in new short film


“Love and freedom,” as shouted by a woman donning sequined, red belly-dancer garb, is the anthem in a new campaign devoted to the spreading of tolerance and equality.

In a new “creative film” set in Moscow’s Red Square, the Benetton’s UNHATE Foundation depicts the city as a place where love dominates. 

Video below.

The film was not shot on location since Gay Pride celebrations in Moscow have been banned until 2112, and would have most likely been considered a form of “gay propaganda.” 

“The hope is that we will be able to shoot this again, on location, in the very near future,” said Carlo Cavallone, creative director of the video, which has already garnered over 4,000 views on YouTube.

The UNHATE Foundation recently formed a partnership with the United Nations, and have been asking people between the ages of eighteen and thirty to submit a story on news they wish they could see. Stories uploaded to the UNHATE News website will have their popularity determined based upon the number of Facebook “likes” they receive from February 25 through March 31. The ten most popular stories will be chosen to be made a reality as part of the new campaign.

Last year, Benetton made real-life headlines of their own when they put out a campaign consisting of photo manipulations of world leaders kissing each other. While it was highly praised, even winning the Cannes Ad Festival award, the picture of Pope Benedict kissing Egyptian imam Ahmed Tayeb, a Sunni Muslim leader, was condemned by the Vatican.


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