UK called on to offer asylum to Uganda’s “Top 200 Homos”


A member of the Scottish Parliament James Dornan wrote a letter to Scotland’s Minister for External Affairs, Humza Yousaf, urging him to make it clear that asylum should be and will be offered to anyone whose name and photo appeared on a recent list of the “Top 200 Homos” in Uganda.

Following Ugandan tabloid “The Red Pepper” releasing an article revealing two hundred names and faces of the LGBT community in Uganda on Tuesday, February 25, many fear that the outing could spark an increase in homophobia-related violence.

In the wake of Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato’s 2011 murder after he appeared on a similar list, Dornan is taking the threat and fear of violence very seriously.

In his letter to Yousaf, Dornan said, “In your role as Minister for External Affairs I would ask that you make representations to Her Majesty’s Government and urge them to offer asylum to those 200 men and women who have had their identity splashed across a tabloid newspaper.

“Further, I would ask you to push the UK Government to make it clear that asylum will be offered to anyone who is living in fear of their life simply because of their sexual or gender identity, and make clear that Scotland stands ready to welcome them.”

He then added, “I believe that people in Scotland will be outraged at this legislation, and at the horrific reaction of a tabloid newspaper which seeks to promote lynch mob tactics against gay and lesbian people. I’m confident that Scotland will make it clear to the UK Home Office that we are ready and willing to welcome anyone who requires refuge from this nightmare.”

The UK reduced aid to Uganda last year following a governmental corruption scandal, claiming that unless the money began going towards helping the impoverished they would not renew aid. Now, after Museveni has signed the new, extreme anti-gay law into effect, they have made it clear they will not increase the aid given to a country unable to standardize basic human rights.

Prominent Ugandan lesbian activist Jacqueline Kasha, who appeared on the most recent list, tweeted that “The media witch-hunt is back.”


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