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Entrepreneur Mike Waxman is using his personal experiences and challenges to create social change for men and the LGBT community with his newest venture.

Axiom for Men is Waxman’s new high-end skincare line, targeted to a man’s pH and to “creating change in the LGBT community,” with 5 percent of each purchase donated to an LGBTQ cause of the customer’s choice.

“My background is actually in finance on Wall Street,” Waxman told 429Magazine. “I started my career in Tokyo, Japan, and then moved back to the United States and worked in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“A few years ago, I suffered a heart attack, and decided to remove myself from the stressful hamster wheel of institutional stock broking, and pursue a dream of truly making a difference for the LGBTQ community.”

Waxman revealed to 429Magazine that he was introduced to the skincare line idea two and a half years ago, by his high school best friend.

A “social venture,” according to its CEO, Axiom for Men has aligned with five organizations that all work to improve the lives and livelihood of the LGBT community. One is Athlete Ally, an organization that encourages straight allies to join in the growing movement of freedom of expression, acceptance, and tolerance.

The product set includes five basic creams that can be purchased together or separately. The Pearlized Cleansing Gel removes skin contaminants, the Face and Body Shave Cream moisturizes while you shave your face, the Daily Restorative Moisturizer hydrates and shores up cellular defenses, and the Skin-Tone Balancing Cream helps to treat common skin discolorations, such as age spots, acne marks and sun damage.

The Axiom For Men series is balanced to compensate for an increased level of testosterone, which most creams on the market fail to address. According to Waxman, most skincare lines are created by companies that focus solely on women’s skin, which doesn’t take into consideration testosterone-related oil production issues, which can cause problems such as blemishes, acne and ingrown hair. Waxman added that daily shaving only makes things worse, as it weakens the facial skin’s natural protections, resulting in skin that breaks, cuts and suffers burns more easily.

“Men’s skin is inherently different than women’s skin due primarily to the production of testosterone,” said Waxman.

“Men’s skin is between 20-30 percent thicker than women’s skin, has a different pH balance due to the difference in lactic acid in male sweat, and most importantly is oilier than women’s skin. Axiom for Men’s entire product lineup has been formulated to address all of these dermatological differences.”

Formulated with antibacterial and healing botanicals that protect and calm a man’s unique skin, the hair removal cream is good for four to five applications per jar.

“It’s about helping men look and feel great about themselves from the inside out,” Waxman said.

“Our products are vehicles to advance our cause. We understand that if they aren’t the best on the market, we won’t achieve our larger humanitarian objectives.”

The company also produces a best-selling Hair Removal Cream, formulated with shea butter, aloe vera and willow herb, a natural anti-inflammatory extract from epilobium angustifolium (more commonly known as fireweed), a plant native to Canadian forests. It also contains an anti-fade technology that is specially formulated for use on tattoos, for those concerned about ruining their body ink.

As previously mentioned, five percent of every purchase gets donated to the organization of the customer’s choice. Charity selections include The Trevor Project, The American Military Partner Association, Athlete Ally, Family Equality Council and The National Center for Transgender Equality.


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