Disney’s sponsorship of Family Outfest in Orlando, FL marks its first ever official LGBT event


Despite the popularity of Disney’s iconic Gay Days, the company has never held any official LGBT events—until now. The first Family Outfest, a week-long event for families of all types, is being held in Orlando, Florida from July 1-7, 2014, and Disney is signed on as an official sponsor.

According to Family Outfest’s official website, “The mission of Family Outfest™, is to celebrate the shared cultural heritage of what all families look like, regardless of who you are, how you identify or whom you love. Our purpose is to celebrate our diverse and authentic kin while exploring the wonders of Orlando. This event is guaranteed to be an incredible week with fun filled festivities, that will not only excite your little ones, but also pique the interest of parents alike. With Orlando’s world class theme parks, attractions and restaurants, there is no doubt together, we will have a gay ol’ time!”

Other sponsors include Nickelodeon Suites Resorts, Macy’s, and Hilton Hotels, for one of the first ever corporate-sponsored events openly seeking to attract LGBT families.

Orlando is the home to some of the best-loved family attractions in the world, including a LegoLand and Universal Studios Florida. In addition to the lure of a vacation destination with a sense of community, Family Outfest is offering reservation bookings of up to 50% at select hotels, all “vetted LGBT Friendly,” free or discounted tickets to each event, a Macy’s shopping spree at 20 percent off, and more.

The executive director of Converge Orlando, Mikael Frank Audebert, said in a statement, “Our organization has been working hard at not only promoting Orlando as an LGBT friendly destination but also at making sure we create events that bring opportunities for the community, its businesses and its members. Family Outfest is one of the many we have in the pipeline and we are extremely excited to be bringing this inaugural event to Central Florida.”

Further details can be found at the official websites of Family Outfest and Orlando Gay Travel.


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