British National Party release chilling recruitment video


A recruitment video released by the British National Party (BNP) Youth claim that “militant homosexuals” are attempting to destroy the “traditional family unit” within the country.

Amidst a series of strange and insulting claims about the nature of Britain with a dramatic musical score, the video features a number of teenagers asking, “Who is responsible for the ongoing attempts to eradicate the British culture and the British identity through the forced assimilation of other cultures and other people?”

The answer: “An unholy alliance.”

According to the youths in the video, there is a long list. Here’s a few of the people they mention are a part of the unholy alliance: bankers, Zionists, Marxist teachers, and “the media that ignore the racist attacks against whites.”

The video also attacks Islam for having an “impact on our society.”

And, of course, there’s the inevitable blame of “militant homosexuals who push for gay marriage and gay adoption in order to destroy the traditional family unit.”

The youths then declare, “We want the promotion of the traditional family and our core Christian values…we want justice for the forgotten white victims of racist violence.

“This is not a request, this is a demand. We are sick of the previous generation’s cowardly actions, we will not give in and we will not back down.”

Clearly reading off an autocue, the zombie-faced teens reel off a series of just plain insults with an eerie sense of harmony and monotony, as if these accusations and demands are completely normal requests. Like asking their mother for an extra cheese string at lunch.

The content of the video can’t come as too much of a surprise, considering BNP party leader Nick Griffin has previously described homosexuality as “creepy” and posted the address of a gay couple on the internet, calling for supporters to hold a protest outside their house.

What is most terrifying is that due to the current economic situation, parties like the BNP and UKIP (both of which are much like the Tea Party in the US) have gained momentum and support over the last few years.

With general elections just a year away, on May 7, 2015, it’s difficult to say how much of a hold the parties could gain in that time. However, it is a safe bet that they will most likely not win the election. They may have gained some traction, but realistically they will not go that far.

Immigration seems to be a big go-to fear when in the face of economic struggle, but I can safely say that the general UK population are not so desperate as to elect a party that ultimately plans to eradicate basic human rights protections.

After all, the UK did just get ranked number one in Europe for LGBT rights.

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