White House releases video about Harvey Milk’s legacy


On Harvey Milk Day, May 22, the White House released a video titled “A Look at Harvey Milk’s Legacy.”

Watch it below.

The video was created for the official debut of the US postage stamp featuring Harvey Milk, which was held at the White House in celebration of what would have been the San Francisco supervisor’s eighty-fourth birthday.

The video’s description reads, “On July 30th, 2009, the White House posthumously honored Harvey Milk with the Medal of Freedom for his work and leadership in advancing LGBT civil rights. In this interview from 2009, Harvey’s nephew, Stuart Milk, speaks about his legacy.”

According to Pink News, USPS officials reported the new stamps were “selling briskly.”

The original idea for the stamp came from a former member of the task force, San Diego City Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez, who had been friends with Milk. Ramirez also works as the executive director of the International Imperial Court System, which advocates for LGBT rights.

She said, “The stamp is the culmination of a community labor of love, involving people as diverse as World War II veterans to millennial drag queens. It started with letters from people in the San Diego area, which led to an avalanche of correspondence from across the nation urging our government to create a Harvey Milk stamp.”

In a press release, Deputy Postmaster General Ronald Stroman was quoted as saying, “Let this stamp remind us of the fundamental truth behind Mr. Milk’s message — that we all have a stake in equality. Let this stamp inspire a new generation to continue Harvey Milk’s legacy — to keep working toward a world where prejudice gives way to acceptance, where division gives way to unity, and where fear gives way to hope.”


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