The Influencers: Natalie Garcia and the luxury of saving lives


We all enjoy luxury in our lives and have different ideas of what it is. We spoke to six influencers across the country and asked what luxury meant to them.

Former TV personality and social journalist Natalie Garcia was living what some might call a luxurious existence, traveling the world and working with celerities on the red carpet. But her entire definition of success and luxury changed after one fateful day that would lead her down a different path, causing her to rethink what defines value in life. 


Natalie Garcia was well on her way to a typical life of luxury. Fancy extravagance, red carpets, hobnabbing with celebrities and hosting television shows. 

For Garcia, that all changed in a single, tragic moment. A car hit hers head on coming down a freeway, causing her vehicle to flip several times. She was able to pull herself from the wreckage, but her beloved dog, Maggie Mae, and a dog she was fostering named Pistaché were no where to be found. While Pistaché was found alive five days later, Garcia’s beloved Maggie Mae did not survive. 

Garcia recounts how as she standing there looking at her wrecked car, contemplating how things, as terrible as they were, could have turned out even worse, she made the decision to change directions. 

“Am I on the right path? Why am I here? That was a specific, defining moment of my life,” she says. 

So, Garcia left the glamourous world of fancy extravagance, red carets, and celebrities behind to dedicate her time to establishing MaeDay Rescue–a program which takes dogs from the streets of Mexico and from LA’s kill shelters for the purpose of finding forever homes. She estimates she’s saved over three hundred animals to date. 

“My definition of luxury has quickly changed,” says Garcia. “It’s now about rescuing animals and saving lives. It’s about having the freedom to make our own choices, to be presented with opportunities, to be able to create those dreams and follow those dreams. That’s a luxury itself.”

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