Celebrating famous LGBT artists with unique Pride inspired online auction


In today’s age of networking, prolific social media usage, and the evolution of “it’s all about who you know,” the founder of Intandem Creatives, Patrick Duffy, definitely knows a thing or two about how to bring inspired people together for a cause. 

His most recent undertaking involves a curated collection with established online art auction house Paddle8. Wanting to do something special in honor of Pride month, he had the idea to celebrate the LGBT community by creating a space to highlight unique artistic talents, both past and present, of some of the most famous artists and prints from LGBT creators, as well as work from the kind of up and coming talent that still makes the art world exciting today. 

Paddle8 is an auction house for today’s generation, using a tech-friendly website and the tried and true auction model of show and sell to connect buyers and sellers of fine art and collectibles. They offer two types of auctions: monthly themed auctions and benefit auctions in collaboration with non-profits. 

Duffy was first connected with the company through Nicole Ehrlich, the creative producer behind many of Lady Gaga’s recent music videos. Duffy’s own client/collaborators list at Intandem inlcude such names and brands as Alexander McQueen, Diane Von Furstenberg, Sephora, and Stella McCartney.

Duffy himself came from a small midwest town and arrived in New York as a young man, not really knowing who he was or what he wanted to be–but knowing that the big city was where he wanted to figure it out. He began as an aerobics instructor, then a door man at a night club, which eventually segued into managing and planning larger events. He opened his own art-centric restaurant in West Chelsea for two years before shifting focus and working internationally on different art projects. That line led him to eventually launch Intandem Creatives.

“The only direction I hope to go is to grow and expand and learn,” said Duffy in an interview with 429Magazine.  

He says this most recent experience working with Paddle8 has been an amazing endeavour that has allowed him to celebrate Pride month, and inspire others to celebrate Pride month, in an entirely new way.  

“Everybody has wanted to jump on board,” he says. “I don’t want to say it’s been easy, but it’s been a pleasure. When you look at the complete auction, we have a really comprehensive collection. Not just because they’re LGBT but because it’s an incredible collection of artists. From Warhol and Mapplethorp to those who might be the next Warhol and Mapplethorp.” 

The sale launched on Paddle8.com today, June 11, and will run through June 26. An event will be held at the Tribeca Grand Hotel this Saturday to celebrate.  

“The Tribeca Grand has been incredible for us,” says Duffy. “They’ve been so supportive, helping us celebrate the LGBT community and our initiative.” 

The event provides a physical space for those involved to celebrate the auction and the artists and curators who made it happen. “It’s a collection of creatives,” says Duffy, “whether they’re artists or friends of artists or curators. It allows them to come together to look at and appreciate the work.”

Duffy’s hope for this particular collaboration is that he and those he’s worked with have laid the foundation for a model that can continue to grow and be used in different markets around the world. 

Because Pride happens in different cities throughout the year, this particular auction theme and celebration could take on a global life of its own. There is also a beneficiary aspect to the sales, which adds another important element–especially in cities where positive representation of LGBT initatives can go a long way.

This first auction in NYC has a portion of proceeds being donated to the Fire Island Artist Residency and Queer NY, International Arts Festival. 

“What I really would love to see is not something political but something to bring the community together,” says Duffy. “If it’s a success, fingers crossed, we’re looking to hopefully take this model and produce it somewhere like Sydney or London or Dallas or Dubai. We think a kind of traveling auction celebrating the LGBT community could raise awareness in a positive way.” 

In this first curated collection, Duffy and Paddle8’s Auction Specialist, Matthew Knight, used their own extensive networks to bring together some of the most influential names in art as well as the most up and coming talent they’ve discovered in their own explorations.  

“Crossing the spectrum in terms of medium, subject, and tone, these works speak to the dynamic community spirit of LGBT artists, and are unified in their rarity and flawless provenance,” says Knight. 

For more information and to browse the works for sale, visit Paddle8’s dedicated Pride page here. Learn more about Duffy’s projects, past and present, at IntandemCreatives, and follow us for further updates exploring, and celebrating, the LGBT artists of today and those who paved the way. 

Andy Warhol, Querelle [IIIA.27], 1982 Screenprint on Lenox Museum Board, 40 x 40 in. Estimate: $60,000 – $70,000

David LaChapelle, Jeff Koons, Sandwich, 2001, C-print, 23x17in. Estimate: $20,000 – $22,000


Keith Haring, Pop Shop 1, 1987, Silkscreen, 12 x 15 in. Estimate: $18,500 – $20,000 


Keith Haring, Untitled (Love), 1989, Silkcreen on canvas, 8 x 8 in. Estimate: $28,000 – $30,000

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