John Barrowman releases fan-funded new album


Actor and singer John Barrowman has released a new album with the help of his fans.

Watch the video below.

After he was dropped by Sony Music, Barrowman initially wanted to focus on his television career, but his fans made clear that they wanted more.

In an interview with QVC UK, Barrowman said that he was making an appearance at a convention in the US when an audience member asked him if he was going to be releasing a new album anytime soon.

He replied, “Unfortunately, the record industry has changed – I was one of the acts that was dropped from the record label. So no is the answer.”

His fans, however, weren’t willing to accept that. According to Barrowman, “A young girl stood up and she said, ‘We’ll fund it! And basically in a nutshell, it’s an album that has been funded by my fans. Funded by the people who want to hear the music that I sing, the music that I will create.”

In June 2014, Barrowman released the result, an eleven-track album titled “You Raise Me Up.” Songs include “Skyscraper,” “That’s the Way It Is,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and “A Thousand Years” (embedded below).

As of this writing, the album is ranked #54 in Music on, and #18 in the Pop category.

Barrowman said, “I’ve been given a privilege. I think this is the best album that I’ve ever, ever made.”


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