The Internet’s best Karl Lagerfeld fan art


 Karl Lagerfeld, the grand sunglassed sphinx of haute couture, has inspired a new collection. It’s not from the fashion houses of Paris or New York, but from the decidedly downmarket bowels of Etsy, Pinterest, random message boards you’ve never visited, and the Humor Chic blog of Italian artist Alexsandro Palombro. Turns out the Internet has spawned a sprawling genre of Lagerfeld-inspired tchotchkes and fan art—everything from hand-sewn zombie dolls to stately portraits of his famously pampered puss, Choupette. Here we’ve curated a selection of our favorites. You’re welcome. 


1. Pope Karl: You’ll burn in hell for wearing white after Labor Day


2. Sock puppet Karl: Great for long car rides and bar mitzvahs 


3. Fast food Karl: The Internet adds ten pounds


4. SpongeBob Karl: Water for dinner lets me wear Hedi Slimane


5. Karl and Gaga: We don’t know what’s going on here either


6. Karl doll: I’m double-jointed 


7. Karl zombie doll: Coco sends her regards


8. Karl Simpson: Orange is the new black


9. Karl tender: God? Is that what they’re calling me now?


10. No fat Karl: Adele and I are actually BFFs 


11. Karl the hunter: The deer was dead when I got here


12. St. Karl: Seriously, God help you if you wear white after Labor Day


13. Karl rides the subway in an ascot…just like us 


14. Karl and Choupette: Never be afraid to accessorize  


15. Choupette Lagerfeld: I’ll cut a bitch

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