Celebrity pet match…unleashed


Celebrities, just like you, don’t know when to stop posting pics of their furry friends. Hollywood Instagrams look like they were curated by William Wegman…or the American Kennel Club, if you want to get lowbrow. 

Here are seven pet portraits for you to savor. And if you want to justify perving on celeb pets, make a game of it. Can you guess which famous face these furry friends belong to? (Click on the image to find out if you’re right).

Fabric softener in dog form

Bones has been with his celebrity owner since March 2013. His master splits his time between a band, a TV show, and the occasional acting gig. Need an extra clue? Bones can sometimes be spotted backstage at tapings of NBC’s hit singing competition, The Voice.


My gift is my song

Finn is a dog-of-all-trades—playing the piano, posing for pictures, and starring in his owner’s Instagram videos. He’s a musician, a model, and an actor—just like his owner! Formerly a model herself, his owner is now a busy actress whose projects—such as Mamma Mia! and Les Misérables—have allowed her to demonstrate her vocal talents as well.


Trying to watch Sherlock mate

Before Graham’s life of napping on warm laptops, he was a one-month old abandoned kitten living in a shelter where he faced certain doom. Since his celebrity owner rescued him, he has grown from a shy baby to a famous baby with his own Twitter account. Of course, he doesn’t have as many followers as his owner, but that’s to be expected. After all, Graham isn’t a British singer with a recent chart-topping pop single written with Pharrell Williams.


My dog…the loner

Gary Frick is a celebrity in and of herself. She appears periodically on her owner’s popular show as a very special guest. Devout fans of the show have seen her grow out of her puppy days and heard the host talk near constantly about her.


2014’s hottest hair accessory

Millie is the beloved kit belonging to an actress who has graced both TV and film screens in past years. Other than (partially) in this photo, Millie’s owner can be seen playing a part in saving the world alongside Nordic gods and Natalie Portman or waitressing and baking on an on-going CBS comedy.


Peeps chillin with his baby beer and sombrero

Mr. Peeps is one of few cats who can truthfully claim to possess a truly impressive wardrobe. He can often be found traveling with his superstar singer-songwriter owner whose career has thus far spawned two albums and a “Crazy Beautiful” TV documentary series.



Lamby’s owner is a writer, director, actress, and producer—and all for one show! This do-it-all girl has also appeared in various films and TV shows, but is by far best known for her Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe-winning program.

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