New photobook captures powerful stories of America’s LGBT youth


We Are the Youth, recently published by Space-Made, is an ongoing photojournalism project that collects portraits and stories of LGBT youth across the US. The book, a collaboration between Brooklyn-based photographer Laurel Golio and writer Diana Scholl, accomplishes what statistics, no matter how urgent, cannot: it puts names and faces to America’s LGBT youth.

The project began in 2008 and has since profiled more than 80 LGBT youth across the country. Rather than reduce subjects to gender or sexuality, the project explores their lives in three-dimensional detail, humanizing them beyond being just poster children for a social cause.

Refreshingly, the subjects aren’t presented as tragedies. While some describe personal and family struggles, others talk openly about feeling inspired and happy. There is no spin here, no doctoring of lives to make them any more exciting or depressing. The teens are simply presented as they are, which is, even now, still revolutionary.

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Elliott, 21, Bronx, NY


Izabela, 17, Lincoln, NE


Jazz, 12


Natasha, 15, Iowa City, IA

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