Ian McKellen is the best wingman ever in this gay man’s marriage proposal


You’re probably familiar with the iconic words spoken by the captain of the starship Enterprise: “…boldly go where no one has gone before.”

But Brett Lotriet Best definitely reached a new frontier with his over-the-top marriage proposal video to Khalid Shawwa—who is apparently an ardent fan of Star Trek and Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of Captain Picard.

“So I searched the galaxy for Patrick Stewart,” Best says in the proposal video via handwritten cards (think Love, Actually or Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”), “and finally asked his best friend for help!”

At which point the video cuts to Ian McKellen holding a clapboard with the words “Mookie—will you marry me?”

McKellen makes his wingman’s pitch with characteristic dry humor:

“Khalud, I’ve got bad news for you. Well, it’s good news as well, but the bad news is—Patrick’s married. I married him. Well, no, I was the minister at the wedding. He’s not available. The good new is—Brett is available. So, think it over; do the right thing.”

As Brett posts in the caption to his video on YouTube, “The question of ‘are we alone in the Universe?’ might be answered for one man.”


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