Pink Run in Singapore denied permit “in the interest of public order”


A planned “Pink Run” in Singapore has been canceled after police refused to grant organizers a permit for the event.

According to Gay Star News, officer Loi Yong Tang told the event’s organizers in a letter, “The purpose of the proposed event you have stated in your application is related to LGBT advocacy, which remains a socially divisive issue.

“We regret to inform you that your application is rejected in the interest of public order.”

The Pink Run was intended to be part of the tenth IndigNation pride festival. It was first attempted in 2007, but was broken up by undercover police officers.

According to an account of the original Pink Run, organizer Ethan Lim “was told that the run would not be permitted because it would contravene the Miscellaneous Offences Act. However, when asked which item of the Act we were contravening, the police were unable to give an answer.”

During both attempts, organizers were open about the nature of the run. According to the 2007 account, Lim even “gave Inspector Yeo a pink T-shirt, asking if the rest of the police there—there were about 10 of them, including some lurking in the shadows—if they wanted one as many extra pieces had been printed.”

Those who are interested in the 2014 run still have the option of getting together in Hong Lim Park’s Speakers Corner, the only location in the city where protests may be held without permits. The location is where Singaporeans celebrate another big LGBT pride event, called Pink Dot, every June.

One of the organizers of Pink Run, Nicholas Deroose, said in a Facebook post, “The Pink Run is officially canceled because we do not have a police permit to carry on with the activity…I have sent some follow up questions but they have yet to be answered. Calls have also been unanswered.”

He added, “However, people are still free to show up and run in their own personal capacity. There are no laws against running. You just won’t be a participant of the Pink Run.”

Despite the rejection, Deroose said that he hasn’t given up hope that the event will be allowed sometime in the future: “I hope to try again next year.”


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