The 10 sexiest ALS ice bucket challenges


A combination of double-dog dare, publicity stunt for charity, and a wet T-shirt contest, #icebucketchallenge has taken over social media. As of Tuesday, 2.4 million people have uploaded Facebook videos of themselves being doused in ice cold water. Celebrities from Oprah and George W. Bush, to J Lo and Britney (I’m still crossing my fingers for Beyoncé) have taken part in the stunt to raise awareness and money for ALS.

Here are the 10 hottest shirtless men cooling down at the end of the summer with this ice-cold challenge.

1. Mikey Shea

Thank you for men who are unafraid to wear speedos.



2. Juan Zúñiga

The challenge goes international with this Colombian soccer player taking it easy after the World Cup. 


3. David Beckham

While Beckham does not appear to have figured out social media with this vertical phone video, it’s the thought—and the body—that counts.


4. Mario Balotelli 

Keeping up with this trend of beautiful soccer players, Mario from Italy steps up to the challenge. The water he uses looks suspiciously warm, but he still makes the cut for wearing his shorts so deliciously low. 


5. Josh Mansour 

That name! Mansour plays professional rugby for the Penrith Panthers, and he took the challenge a step further by having a group of muscled men in underwear (presumably his teammates) douse him repeatedly in what looks to be the locker room.

6. Fernando Montiel

Fernando’s Instagram says that he is an actor and personal trainer. Though this is the first role I’ve seen him in, I’m happy I have. His is one of the more impressive challenges I’ve seen—not only because of his physique, but also because the bucket appears to be almost entirely filled with ice, not water.

7. Justin Langen

Justin and his fellow shirtless man give us not one but four ice bucket challenges.

8. James Franco

While Franco is not shirtless, he is pantless. Also, I appreciate a good allusion.

9. Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo does the challenge in nothing but his underwear, and nominates Beyoncé! Please, Bey.

10. The Hot Cop of the Castro

His real name is Chris Kohrs, and the hot cop of the Castro did the challenge the right way—he turned it into a ticketed public event. All proceeds went directly to ALS to support patients with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The top three donors to the fund had the special perk of helping Officer Kohrs prepare, which sounds like quite the treat.

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