ManServants aims to solve the stripper problem we didn’t know we had


Founded by a couple of ladies who deemed themselves too classy for a male stripper come bachelorette party time, ManServants—slated to launch this fall—is a service that provides patrons with, well, manservants. The website, which is already live, boasts a ManServant for every occassion, be it a bachelorette party, sporting event, or just a regular day at the office.

Its trailer asks, “So, what do women really want?”

Answer: four bottles of champagne opened simultaneously and a guy who can double fist some doves.

Your ManServant can be customized, named, and sat on. No, really. He lives by a code of conduct in which rule one is, “A ManServant always responds with ‘As you wish.'”

Men who always wanted to be Westley from the Princess Bride are invited to apply and audition. Anyone on the lookout for a ManServant come fall can join a mailing list to be the first in line when the service goes live.

ManServants is emphatically not an adult entertainment service and illicit activities, including nudity, are strictly prohibited. This Uber-esque man rental service is scheduled to debut in the San Francisco area on September 1. And why not? After all, if you can rent a middle-aged man in Japan, there’s no reason you can’t hire a ManServant in California.

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