The Family Foundation protests same-sex marriage with an all-you-can-eat fast


The Family Foundation, a Christian organization based in Virginia, believes progress toward marriage equality is proof that, “our state and nation are mired in a morass of confusion and post-modern thinking.” 

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear a case whose ruling could determine the legality of marriage equality, the Family Foundation is looking to mobilize. To take a stand, they’re going to fast for 40 days, from August 27 to October 5. The most unique part of this fast? “Giving up physical food isn’t necessary.”

As Pink News points out, “the group opposed to re-defining marriage seems to be re-defining the meaning of a fast.”

On its website, the organization declares, “So many churches in America have become lukewarm and have lost the ability to impact cultures in the way they once did.” An all-you-can-east fast is not lukewarm because, as the site explains, “feeding on the spiritual food provided is vital.” Their concept of a fast seems to falter at even the metaphorical level.

Check out this clip defending their logic (below). It offers gems such as comparing marriage to ritual sacrifice: “Just as God’s established system of ritual sacrifice for His chosen people, Israel, set them apart and prepared them in all the ways of holiness for the Promised Land, looking forward to their ultimate Promised Land, marriage was designed with the same intent.”

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