“Please Like Me” enters its second season while looking ahead to a third


Although the mildly autobiographical Australian dramedy Please Like Me has seen low ratings since premiering in 2013, writer/creator Josh Thomas has a knack for weaving stories that are simultaneously hilarious, awkward, and true to life. Critical kudos recently led to the show being renewed for a third season.

Now cruising through its second season (which began in August), Please Like Me has settled into a compelling narrative arc driven by characters you can’t help but care about. Like Josh Thomas—a fictionalized version of the show’s creator. We meet him at a very interesting time in his life. In the pilot episode, Josh’s day starts when his long-time girlfriend, Claire, breaks up with him.

Spoiler alert: Yes, he is. And it doesn’t take him long to discover this. Immediately after the breakup, Josh visits his friend Tom at work where he meets Tom’s new coworker, an attractive and emotionally distraught guy named Geoffrey whose father has just been sent to jail.

His night is even more interesting than his day as things get a bit intimate with Geoffrey. The next morning, Josh wakes to a message saying his mother attempted suicide the night before. This whirlwind of events leaves those in Josh’s life understandably confused.

Josh deals with it all the only way he knows how—which is to say, he doesn’t.

The first season follows Josh’s attempts to navigate a life that includes taking care of a mother suffering from depression, friends who are going through tumultuous relationships, and a first boyfriend who likes him so, so much for some reason that is so, so lost on Josh.

Please Like Me airs on Pivot.

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