Big Freedia set to release a memoir in 2015


Freddie Ross, better known as Big Freedia, is credited for shining a light on bounce music, a previously underground genre that came out of his native New Orleans. The musician started his career in 1999 and quickly became a staple of the New Orleans club scene. It wasn’t until his self-released Big Freedia Hitz Vol. in 2010 that the rest of the world started paying attention.

And now, Big Freedia is everywhere. His 2012 SXSW performance earned rave reviews; he toured with the Postal Service in 2013; he currently has a hit reality show on Fuse called Big Freedia: Queen of Bounceand he’ll headline the Stargayzer Festival in Austin this weekend. Somewhere during all of this—and while operating an interior design business—Freedia found time to write a memoir. It’s tentatively called Big Freedia: God Save the Queen Diva and will be released next year.

The book is a collaboration with longtime publicist Nicole Balin and will delve into Freedia’s humble beginnings as a gay boy in a Southern Baptist family. The memoir will also recount his early days in the New Orleans bounce scene, along with details of his love life.

Freedia stated, ““I know many people have come to know me through my TV show but my memoir will go in depth—nothing and no one will be spared, including me.”

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