Top 10 travel destinations for closeted gay men


The results are in: Chicago is the number one travel destination for closeted gay men. And here are the nine other cities attracting men on the DL:

1. Chicago, Illinois

2. Sydney, Australia

3. Maui, Hawaii

4. Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

5. Vancouver, British Columbia

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

8.Orlando, Florida

9. Buenos Aires, Argentina

10. Minneapolis, Minnesota

This list should be taken with a grain of salt. It was compiled by Miss Travel, which bills itself “the #1 travel dating social network.” To quote the site, rich people looking for travel companions get paired with “a hot travel companion, sexy travel mate or beautiful travel buddy.” The rich traveler pays for the tickets and hotel rooms, and the trip is “100% free for attractive men and women,” although “escorts are not welcome.” 

Miss Travel polled 5,184 men looking to travel with other men: 41% said that they were, in fact, still in the closet. That 41% was then asked their top travel destination.

The CEO of the company, Brandon Wade, speculated on why Chicago topped the list. “Chicago offers a wide variety of gay-friendly attractions that complement the midwestern values the city was founded on,” he said, somewhat ambiguously.

The company’s press release also stated that “all cities that made the final cut were gay-friendly destinations that also catered to a heterosexual audience.” It added that Chicago, in particular, “is a business hub, making it a plausible destination for prudent travel.”

A look at regions with the most closeted men is also telling. The New York Times compiled data on the least gay-friendly states by looking at the support for gay marriage initiatives. The South and Midwest demonstrated the lowest levels of tolerance.

These least gay-friendly regions had a lower percentage of Facebook profiles of men preferring men. However, they had a roughly equal percentage of Google porn searches for gay male images. From this, you could infer that the South and Midwest have the highest number of closeted gay men.

According the New York Times, Florida is the most tolerant state in the South, while Chicago and Minneapolis are the two most gay-friendly cities in the Midwest. So while Miss Travel’s data may or may not be representative of the population as a whole, there’s some logic in the results.

Bon voyage!

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