“You’re the Worst” is one of the best of the season


You’re the WorstFX’s new cringe-comedy, was created by Stephen Falk of Weeds and Orange is the New Black. It follows “poison people” Jimmy (Chris Geere), a self-centered and brutally honest author, and Gretchen (Aya Cash), a pretty but jaded PR executive, who hook up after a wedding and enter an ill-advised relationship they both know is doomed to fail.

That doesn’t stop them from growing closer as meaningless sex turns into a proper relationship, which both of them insist is something they simply don’t do.

The cast is rounded out by a couple of sidekicks, including war veteran Edgar Quintero (Desmin Borges) who lives with Jimmy and suffers PTSD, heroin addiction, and a generally positive outlook on life.

The hilarity of “You’re the Worst” isn’t limited to the traditional romantic comedy tropes, either. Viewers are invited to follow along on all other aspects of their lives: family, friends, and professional woes.

Jimmy may be published, but his book isn’t doing all that well. With royalty checks of $17 coming in once in a while, he has to get a bit aggressive about advertising.

And as a ruthless PR agent, Gretchen deals with underage stars…

and Sam (Brandon Smith), a famous rapper who isn’t always satisfied with her services.

Now well into its first season, “You’re the Worst” has proved itself a successful comedy, and Jimmy and Gretchen have proved that they are indeed the worst.

“You’re the Worst” airs on FX on Thursdays.

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