This week Buffy becomes a wage slave and discovers the crushing tedium of adulthood


Admit it—going to work is a daunting task. First, you have to get out of bed. Then you have to bathe yourself. Maybe even brush your teeth. Put pants on. And after all that exhausting work, you have to go outside just to do even more work that someone else wants you to do! Jesus. Can we just catch a break already?

This week’s Buffy, “Life Serial” (episode 5 of season 6), is all about our favorite monster killer’s plight as she makes her way through the big adventure of finding a job and sticking to it. Since she has a magic little sister and a two story house full of freeloading friends now, this girl has got bills to pay. 

Instead of jumping on Craigslist or Elance, Buffy turns to a few of her friends who aren’t as freeload-y. They make a few calls. They pull a few strings (until they realize they aren’t attached to anything). Then, bam! Buff-Buff is a fresh new wage slave! She has been chosen…to receive minimum wage with no benefits.

But I really wanted to win some bread…

“Culture Fit”

You. Better. Work.

I don’t remember a -tail happening, so why the re-?

Establish rapport

Go above and beyond

Always upsell

And if you want to chillax after a long day…

…get turnt up with Spike in a crypt.

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