My2024 event focuses on the future


The LGBT community has seen amazing progress over the last decade. Where do you think it—and you—will be in another ten years?

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The Arcus Foundation and the Institute for the Future (IFTF) have teamed up to launch My2024, the first in a planned series of events focused on the future of the LGBT community. Scheduled for October 7 – 16, it will ask LGBT Americans to share their visions of what 2024 will look like for the community and themselves.

My2024 will begin with an online dialogue, taking the first two days of the event to map out participants’ concerns and hopes for the future. That conversation will be used to create the My2024 Declaration: a document of ideas for change, and how we can encourage it.

After the Declaration is completed, the remainder of the campaign will be for participants to formulate and share plans to use those ideas to make a positive impact.

According to a press release shared with 429Magazine, the executive director of Arcus, Kevin Jennings, said “The LGBTQ movement has made significant strides in recent years, but there is much to be done—from expanding upon our successes across the country to tackling obstacles in employment, education, health, and personal safety.

“By bringing together as many of our voices and perspectives as possible through My2024, we can build a more inclusive movement and elevate the visibility and full range of concerns facing the entire community.”

The research director of IFTF, Jason Tester, added “we know that online social platforms and games are powerful tools for breaking through the limits of our current thinking. They use collaboration, competition, and creativity to build cooperation toward tangible change. By bringing together as many of our voices and perspectives as possible, we can imagine new futures beyond the prevailing LGBTQ agenda of today and provide inspiration and a pathway to make that real change.”

Those interested in participating in My2024 can register here.


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