A sneak peek of First Sight Production’s new supernatural lesbian romance


Internet sensations Kris and Lindy Boustedt of First Sight Productions are the creative minds behind popular lesbian romance shorts such as Together Forever, an eight-minute feature about “marriage equality, perfect timing, and creative romance in the everyday.” Kris and Lindy have written, directed, or produced more than a dozen films and have been included in the Seattle International Film Festival.

Now, they’re preparing to bring one of their most popular projects to life as a feature-length film. Brides to Be is “an existential supernatural drama about love and the struggle to conquer hate.” It follows Robin and Jenna, engaged to be married, and Robin’s best friend Nate through their travels to a “secluded fairy tale venue” that Robin has been infatuated with since she was a child. With equal parts spookiness and romance, Brides to Be holds a great deal of commercial promise and social resonance, especially as the issue of queer representation in media grows ever more prevalent.

A ten-minute sneak peek of the opening scene of Brides to Be is available on YouTube now.

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