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The third issue of FourTwoNine, hitting newsstands October 15, features an exclusive conversation and photo shoot with Courtney Love. Shot in New York City by Damon Baker—and interviewed by editor-in-chief Kevin Sessums—Love proves that, at 50, she’s still one of the most intriguing women in rock: maternal, seductive, and fiercely devoted to her art.

Here’s an excerpt: 

Kevin Sessums: What do you think your reputation once was?

Courtney Love: At times, wildly inaccurate to the point that it astonished me. And it still does. But there are parts of it that are and were applicable. I do think for myself. I am, I suppose, a provocateur. It’s a painful thing, however, to be classified as entirely mad and bad and even dangerous to know when you’re actually rather boring and maternal and empathetic. But the fact that I didn’t use my sexuality foremost or my looks in my music career and instead let my rage be my calling card forged my reputation early on. 

Our third issue also featues a cover story on Alan Cumming; Joyce Maynard’s appreciation of ballerina Yuan Yuan Tan; and conversations with director John Waters, theater artists Charles Busch and Taylor Mac, and Scandal‘s Guillermo Diaz. Plus: Jenny Holzer’s best tweets, erotic furniture from the Haas brothers, Perry Ellis’s enduring mystique, autumn’s hottest fashions, and more.

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