Grindr gets political with Australian politician’s campaign


Grindr is getting political. Less than a month ago, everyone’s favorite sex app accurately predicted the Scottish referendum, and more recently Votr copied the app’s template to match voters with compatible politicians. Now Australian politicians are eying Grindr to aid them in upcoming elections. 

Sam Hibbins is a parliament candidate running in Prahran against incumbent Clem Newton-Brown. Hibbins is an Australian Greens party candidate, which has a small campaign budget but high hopes of winning this election. Talking to The Age, Hibbins said he thought the seat was “winnable” for the Greens, who have a reputation for supporting what he calls “the rainbow community.” It was for this reason that Hibbins has lined up a series of 10 advertisements on Grindr geographically targeting the region.

The ads will invite users to events and inform them about policy issues. According to The Age, the first ad, which launches today, “will invite Grindr users to a pre-election event next week with Mr Hibbins and Senator Sarah Hanson-Young at The Exchange, a popular South Yarra gay bar.”

The LGBT community is crucial for Hibbins’ success in the upcoming election. According to the last census, 6.6 percent of Prahan couples are same-sex. 

Of Grindr, Hibbins said, “It offers us a platform where we can reach the gay community in Prahran…It might seem a bit new and innovative now, but I suspect the other parties will do it, possibly in this election.”

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