Greyscale Goods: the clothing service that goes beyond labels


If your tastes in fashion don’t fit neatly into either men’s or women’s styles, Greyscale Goods wants to be the nontraditional clothing service you’ve been waiting for.

According to a press release shared with 429Magazine, the retail platform that Greyscale Goods is proposing “will mix the convenience of subscription commerce with the customized touch of a personal stylist.”

It explains, “Upon signing up for the service, Greyscale Goods members receive interactive advice from an assigned stylist to guide them through the shopping process, eliminating the hassle and stress of a traditional shopping experience. An expert will then send out a variety of hand­picked items based on personal preferences such as personality, profession, budget and lifestyle.”

The choices Greyscale will be offering its target audience, people that desire a flattering but androgynous look, won’t be limited by geography: the company’s curators search all over the world for clothing with the best androgynous styles, then mix them up in their Los Angeles warehouse.

Starting a business is expensive, though, and that’s where Kickstarter comes in. The campaign page explains, “A brand new business has so many steps to take, and each one costs money. From registering a corporation, to hiring an accountant, to designing packaging, every step of the way has a price tag.

“While we would love to be able to fund it all ourselves because we are so very passionate about this, that is just not possible. We need your help to fund the beginning phases of this company if you want to see this launch. Basically, it’s up to you to let us know how badly you want this company to exist.”

Backer rewards for the campaign range from sticker packs, magnets, and t-shirts to two full outfits (plus accessories) chosen specially for you by a Greyscale stylist, in addition to an invitation to the company’s private brunch celebration.

The campaign is seeking to raise $25,000 by October 31, with plans for stretch goals all the way up to $120,000. As of this writing, with fourteen days to go, it’s at over $17,000 and counting.

To hear more about this exciting new idea, 429Magazine got an exclusive interview with Greyscale founder and CEO Sara Medd.

429Magazine: Where did the name “Greyscale” come from?

Sara Medd: The idea behind the concept is to address the gap that tends to exist between the traditionally binary men’s/women’s clothing departments in stores. What’s more binary than black and white? There are so many shades of grey in between, or a vast “greyscale” if you will.

429Mag: I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I’d be thrilled to find a store with clothing that actually fits me in both senses. How will you handle sizing when your inventory consists of multiple clothing brands?

SM: I will use a combination of different questions to determine what size you would wear in different brands. I will ask for your preferred size in your favorite brands, but also for certain body measurements. Every brand’s sizing runs differently, but the advantage of having a virtual personal shopper choosing the size to send you is that we will take into account many different points of information. So where traditionally in online shopping, you take a risk by choosing from a size chart and hoping it fits, at Greyscale Goods we will take all information into account, decide for you, and then if it still doesn’t fit and you let us know how and why, you return the items in a prepaid box and we can send you a new size. The more information you give us, the more we improve your matches. Like any healthy relationship, we are getting to know each other and communication will only improve our chances at success!!

429Mag: Your Kickstarter page notes that XXL and XXS sizes may have to wait for your second season. If your final stretch goal isn’t hit, what will your size range be at launch?

SM: We will be working through the first round of shipping our “boxes of goods” to figure out logistics and how to streamline the process first, and offering both plus size and XXS sizes often requires building additional vendor relationships. It is going to happen eventually, but funding will determine when. If we don’t reach that last stretch goal, sizes offered will be based upon current offerings through the vendors we are working with currently. I can’t quote specific sizes yet, because we haven’t bought into inventory yet. Generally if you can find your size in J.Crew, then we will have it at launch. In some cases, standard size vendors will also carry some styles in larger/smaller sizes like XXS or XXL, and wherever possible we will buy into those options right away. I am extremely passionate about offering plus-size options because I recognize the deficit in current style offerings in this area, so rest assured it will happen as quickly as possible.

429Mag: What types of apparel do you plan to carry? Will accessories be offered?

SM: Greyscale will definitely carry accessories! In addition to clothing, we will also style out the looks we send you with ties, socks, and eventually hats and shoes. I love hats. LOVE. And although I have to keep my priorities of getting off the ground with apparel first and forefront, I am excited to bring in hats. Shoes prove to be slightly more difficult. They are SO important, especially because my target customers battle daily to find their size in shoe styles they like. I am currently sourcing shoe vendors who carry women’s sizes in men’s style shoes and I am confident I will have a good option at launch, but shoe inventory can prove difficult to buy into and keep in stock, so this will also depend on our initial level of funding. Basically, in a perfect world we will have shoes available at launch but they are secondary to apparel at this time, so this will depend on funding.

429Mag: Do you have an idea of your expected price range?

SM: It won’t be as cheap as a mass retailer (like H&M or Uniqlo), because we won’t be buying into quantities large enough to drive prices down that low. The goal is to stay approachable though, so it won’t be as expensive as a J.Crew or Bloomingdale’s, generally speaking. I will try my best to work with individual budgets, so there will be a couple of pricing tiers available. I strongly believe in good quality products and like most things in life, you get what you pay for. That being said, I am trying to keep pants and shirts under $100.

429Mag: Will there be an emphasis on clothing that follows current trends, or a focus on a more timeless look?

SM: I love a timeless, classic look. There are essentials that every person should have in their wardrobe and building that basic wardrobe is a huge priority to me—good quality white button-down, dark denim, chambray shirt. I will encourage my customers to build out that core before experimenting with too many trendy pieces. Although I am hoping that I have some seasoned shoppers coming to me too so we can have fun with trends!! I’m a stylist at heart and clothing is fun to me, so I love a good style trend.


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