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1. The Discovery Life Channel has ordered its first original series. Those Girls will chronicle four transgender women in Kansas City. [Read more here

2. Icelandic poet and novelist Sjón—a friend and collaborator of Björk’s—has written what he calls Iceland’s first piece of LGBT literature. [Read more here]

3. Atheist Peter Boghossian has sparked tension in secular communities by tweeting that he “never understood how someone could be proud of being gay” since “How can one be proud of something one didn’t work for?” [Read more here]

4. A similar tussle is brewing between several UK politicians over previous votes on LGBT issues, including marriage equality. Some say it’s time to forgive and forget, but others disagree. [Read more here]

5. Internet sensation Brendan Jordan, first made famous for his dance movies in the background of a Las Vegas newscast, has released his first personal video on YouTube. In a Q&A he covered everything from his ideas about fashion to his family. [Read more here]

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